France’s, and possibly the world’s, most famous and popular art and sculpture museum doesn’t need me to do any more of an introduction. Instead, I will showcase a few of the things I found interesting, and provide a couple of tips.

Interior, The Louvre, Paris

First tip is to book online. This will allow you to bypass the queue, which I have seen as being a couple of hours long (they put out signs marking every 30 minutes of the queue).

Mona Lisa queue, The Louvre, Paris

Second is to get in early if you want a reasonably unrestricted view of the Mona Lisa or the Venus de Milo, as the tour groups end up surrounding these.

David and Goliath, The Louvre, Paris

I liked the verso of David and Goliath by Daniele da Volterra: two different views of the same scene, that of David about to decapitate the giant.

More David and Goliath, The Louvre, Paris

It’s not a style I’d seen before, so it was interesting.

Panini, The Louvre, Paris

Similarly interesting was Panini’s gallery of scenes of Rome – a painting of…lots of paintings and sculptures of the city.

Paintings, The Louvre, Paris

A high proportion of paintings on display are religious in nature, but there are also architectural works…

Egypt, The Louvre, Paris

…Egyptological artefacts…

Mosaic, The Louvre, Paris

…and mosaics.

Decor, The Louvre, Paris

But it’s not just the exhibits themselves which are worth visiting for; the interior design is often beautiful too.

Madness, The Louvre, Paris

Or sometimes a bit mad.

Atrium, The Louvre, Paris

There are also a pair of atria which contain seating areas, play areas for kids, and temporary exhibitions.

Gallery, The Louvre, Paris

Closed on Tuesdays except for special events, the museum opens from 9am to 6pm except on Wednesdays and Fridays when it closes at 9.45pm. It costs €17 as of July 2018.

Mary and Jesus, The Louvre, Paris

It’d be weird to visit Paris without going to the Louvre, so this recommendation is probably superfluous, but you should definitely go!

Ceiling, The Louvre, Paris

Address: Rue de Rivoli, 75058 Paris

Telephone: 0140205317


Corner, The Louvre, Paris
Carving, The Louvre, Paris
Beautiful room, The Louvre, Paris
Exterior, The Louvre, Paris
Mask, The Louvre, Paris
Globe and star map, The Louvre, Paris
Plates, The Louvre, Paris
More ceiling, The Louvre, Paris
Exhibits, The Louvre, Paris
Sarcophagi, The Louvre, Paris
Lots of gilt, The Louvre, Paris
Colours, The Louvre, Paris
Urns, The Louvre, Paris
Egyptian artefacts, The Louvre, Paris