I’ve combined a few transferred tips here into one big review. During the day, surrounded by a moat and fragments of city walls, the historic city centre is a mixture of beautiful temples and tourist bars, restaurants and shops.

City wall, Chiang Mai

It’s quite nice to walk around, but don’t underestimate the distances involved even if it does look small on a map. Take your time and enjoy a cool drink regularly.

City temple, Chiang Mai

Later on, the Night Bazaar is in a large fixed structure over two levels. The top floor has some craft and a lot of beauty product shops, along with a few western-style bars; the bottom floor has loads of artists selling paintings and sculptures. I didn’t take any photos of the art section, as that is manned by the only Thais concerned with intellectual property protection!

Top floor, Night Bazaar, Chiang Mai

The art is very good in its range – and very reasonably priced. There is original work or copies of famous photos and art; I would imagine if you wanted to commission something it wouldn’t be a problem at all. There is a shipping office to send anything you buy home, too.

Kalare market, Chiang Mai

Kalare Night Bazaar is the second of two fixed structures in what now appears to be called the night bazaar area in Chiang Mai. It’s across the road from the first Night Bazaar building. Inside there is a row of bars, a food court, and many stalls. In this market, there are a lot of stalls targeting tourists with beer brand T-shirts, flouncy trousers and local crafts; there also seem to be a few goldsmiths and tailors offering 24 hour suits. It seemed more expensive than Chiang Rai market, but haggling will bring the price down.

Anusarn market, Chiang Mai

Finally, Anusarn Market is south of the night bazaar area, and it describes itself as a walking market. It’s open every night from just before sunset to about midnight. It has lots of restaurants around the edge, and has a focus on local craft as well as having a the usual range of tourist-friendly clothes and souvenirs. There are plenty of massage places too, and if you want a bit of fun there is an air pistol shooting range at the the back.

Address: Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50100