A quick one this time. Wasabi is another chain of Japanese fast food places, similar to Itsu. It does sushi and dishes with rice or noodles, and usually has a small area to sit and eat. They are quite often situated at stations, too. I use them occasionally, as while the food isn’t great, it is reliably OK.

Veggie sushi, Wasabi, UK

I tend to stick to the veggie sushi, as I think they put too much rice in their rice bowls for me, but I sometimes make an exception for the tofu katsu curry which has a good aroma. The gluten skin topped sushi is my favourite, with a sweet and savoury coating.

Fish rice, Wasabi, UK

Wife liked her chirashi bowl of five types of seafood (salmon, prawn, tuna, crab stick and teriyaki eel) plus egg and tofu, over rice, but she noted the rice was very plain. Other reports on the food from friends I have dined with are that the salmon teriyaki tasted good but was a small portion, while the chilli sweet chicken had a good batter and was flavoursome.

Stall, Wasabi, UK

Website: https://www.wasabi.uk.com (beware, appears to be hijacked at the moment)