Tiny transfer today. Duong Cam cafe is an incongruous place in a small village in suburban Ho Chi Minh City. It’s really nicely designed, and only a temporary drought which dried up its water features stopped it being stunning. When you sit down you’re brought free iced green tea. The staff here are nice, despite limited English, and they encouraged us to bring in banh mi from a nearby stall.

Decor, Duong Cam, Hoc Mon

The fruit platter we had was lovely and fresh, being strawberries, pineapple and jackfruit, with a separate plate of tamarind. Really enjoyable, as was the classic dripped Vietnamese coffee. If you go on a trip to Cu Chi to see the tunnels, ask your driver to stop here.

Food, Duong Cam, Hoc Mon

Address: 61 Dong Tam, Hoc Mon

Interior, Duong Cam, Hoc Mon
Sign, Duong Cam, Hoc Mon