Sapore is next to La Risata, and we kept saying ‘we must go there some day’. Finally, we did. It is an Italian-Spanish restaurant, with plenty of tapas and pork dishes, especially featuring Iberico ham. There were also pizza and pasta dishes.

Interior, Sapore, Kuala Lumpur

The interior is alright, though not perhaps as interesting as it could be. The bull fighting poster is a brace choice, though! Staff were very good, being very attentive when needed, and very friendly. In fact when one lady finished her shift she came over to say goodbye to us!

Pork, Sapore, Kuala Lumpur

The food was good, overall, albeit we stuck to fairly safe choices. Wife went for the pork chop with mash and salad. She thought it was quite good, but not very special. The mash was her favourite bit of the meal, which was a shame for the meat, I suppose.

Burrata, Sapore, Kuala Lumpur

That left me with the lion’s share of the tapas dishes we ordered. All were very fresh, with burrata and tomato feeling very light in the mouth. It might have been a little nicer if it had been a bit runnier, but no complaints really.

Blurry bruschetta, Sapore, Kuala Lumpur

Bruschetta: very good, with that garlic burn I enjoy from the best examples. This one was up there. Three pieces might be a little mean, given how tasty it was.

Potato, Sapore, Kuala Lumpur

Potato cake ended up being like a dauphinois dish. Rich and savoury, I would definitely be up for it in future.

Polenta, Sapore, Kuala Lumpur

Slightly disappointing was the polenta and mushrooms. I was expecting chunks of chewy polenta, and instead it was more of a paste. Even a decent truffle flavour couldn’t overcome the texture for me, though wife was more keen.


We both had a good time at Sapore, and it feels like a good place to bring friends; there is a lot more menu to explore, and while it is a bit expensive (just under RM200 for two, including one drink), I think we’ll be back.

Address: 18 Persiaran Ampang, Desa Pahlawan, 55000 Kuala Lumpur

Telephone: 0342666362