Mishmash is a very trendy place in Georgetown – forgive the blurry iPad photos, please. The menu is heavy on pork dishes, including a pork cocktail. In fact, there are a lot of cocktails, from classics to modern inventions. It has quite interesting decor with a faint Americana theme. Bartenders really cared about the drinks, and we watched one training who was getting a lesson in the science of cocktail making.

Drinks, Mishmash, Penang

They have a range of obscure spirits and also bitters (angostura, not beer, though they did have London Pride and London Porter in bottles). They let me try a couple of the bitters I hadn’t seen before, and were the right level of attentive. On the cocktail side, their negroni and sangria were good, well balanced drinks.

Pork, Mishmash, Penang

The spaghetti with pork and leek was more like a bowl of pork with a little spaghetti (leek seemed to have been swapped for spring onion, pak choi and mushrooms), and wife said it was very good, especially the occasional slice of salami.

Chips, Mishmash, Penang

Blue cheese croquettes were a little mild, though well cooked with the right crispy exterior and fluffy interior. Chilli fries were fine, and tasted like they’d been tossed in a chilli and cheese powder.

Interior, Mishmash, Penang

So overall food was above average, but I’d note if you eat pork that really looks the way to go here. I don’t, so was limited to snack items. However, I’d return here for the cocktails and pick at unhealthy food!

Bitters, Mishmash, Penang

Address: 24 Munteri Street, 10200 Georgetown, Penang
Telephone: 0175365128
Website: http://www.mishmashpg.com