Some time ago, I was watching the Travel Channel and saw a segment of a Rev Run show which was set in Chiang Mai, at a market I had visited. He tried to make a local dessert, presumably steeped in tradition (at least 3 years), but didn’t do it very well. That was ‘fried’ ice cream. I missed out on this when I was in Chiang Mai, but was lucky enough to see it just 2 days after the show aired, at a mall in Malaysia.

The process, Pink Elephant, Penang

Pink Elephant is, then, a stall which makes fried ice cream, situated in the Queensbay Mall. It’s not actually fried, like some places do here with ice cream inside pastry. Instead, there is a very cold metal plate, on which flavoured liquid is poured (maybe cream, maybe seaweed based), and ‘toppings’ are chopped into it using bricklaying/decorating tools. As it cools and freezes, it’s repeatedly mixed, then smoothed thinly over the plate in order to peel off seven slices. They then add extra toppings if you’d like. Prices range from RM8 to RM14.

Rolling, Pink Elephant, Penang

Staff were friendly, and even enjoyed a good laugh with me after one of them tried to add caramel sauce from a bottle with an unsecured lid, drowning the dessert and necessitating preparing a new one. There isn’t anywhere to sit, so you can walk and enjoy the food. I say enjoy – I actually didn’t like it very much. It had the same chewiness problem that nitrogen made ice cream had, but with added grittiness. Imagine chewing a cold biscuit with a piece of juicy fruit chewing gum. No more for me.

End product, Pink Elephant, Penang

I had the Thai tea ice cream with Oreo and cornflakes (I know, but I didn’t realise they’d mix it in), topped with a couple of Koala’s March biscuits (kid’s biscuits stuffed with chocolate) and caramel sauce. They also add a little popcorn. Other flavours are vanilla, yam, chocolate and green tea; there are all sorts of toppings of fruits, sweets and cereals.

Stall, Pink Elephant, Penang

Address: 3F-39 Queensbay Mall, Persiaran Bayan Indah, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang

Menu, Pink Elephant, Penang