Tucked away in KSL mall on floor L1 is this restaurant and frozen vegetarian goods shop, with a huge array of said products. The company actually started out making and selling the products, then diversified into the restaurant business, which cooks and sells its own products (good vertical integration!). I often buy their mock meat, of which I recommend the mock pork. The seating area is very bright yellow and green, so you should be able to spot this opposite the Popular book store. Staff of a bored young man and an apologetic old man are friendly and happy to recommend items. There’s an excellent assortment of snacks for RM5.90 each, and while my meal didn’t blow me away, I’d be happy to return. Big portion of noodles for just RM6.50.

Seating, Vegemore, Johor Bahru

Laksa had an OK coconutty and slightly spicy taste, but the noodles were a little soft. Hidden below the omelette on top and the first layer of noodles were some mock scallops (not my thing, chewy without any flavour), mock fish strips and bean curd skin, plus a load of mushrooms. Overall I liked it, though I’ve had better. Nestum ‘chicken’ was interesting – normally it’s mock meat battered with a local favourite cereal and deep fried (and I do it excellently!) – the chunks of soy seemed to have been baked, then had a lemon mayo drizzle to stick the cereal to the outside. Quite nice, if unexpected.

Food, Vegemore, Johor Bahru

Address: L1-137, KSL City Mall, Taman Abad, 33, Jalan Seladang, 80250 Johor Bahru

Shop, Vegemore, Johor Bahru