Watch out! Zon duty free mall at Berjaya Waterfront sits among a square of bars. The duty free mall itself is 3 floors, but only the bottom floor has open shops. These are the duty free chocolate, alcohol and cigarette shops, along with a massage centre and a small mini mart selling snack food. The food court was closed, as were most of the luxury goods shops. You might be tempted to visit here when in JB and take advantage of the low prices (sometimes less than half normal price, due to high taxation) – don’t!

Former shops, Zon Duty Free, Johor Bahru

It’s only duty free if you immediately board a ferry to Singapore; otherwise as you leave you will be stopped by customs agents and asked to pay the duty plus a fine (I gather there’s an official rate and an unofficial rate). I was lucky enough to have been told about this before I visited. The mini mart has quite cheap canned soft drinks which you won’t be fined for. If you do go in, you can drink your alcohol purchases in the mall and avoid fines!

Chocolate shops, Zon Duty Free, Johor Bahru

So unless you’re on your way to Singapore, don’t bother coming here. Parking is expensive for a place where you can’t even buy the stuff at the shops without paying more later. Parking outside and walking in is RM5 instead of RM10. If you do pay for the parking, then you might like to stroll around of even use the waterfront bars. They are quite expensive.

Bars, Zon Duty Free, Johor Bahru

Address: 88 Jalan Ibrahim Sultan, 80300 Johor Bahru

Entrance, Zon Duty Free, Johor Bahru