This one probably just seems unusual to westerners, and maybe not even all westerners given a corn-based snack I had once from Poland. However, I am still not used to puffed corn being much other than savoury like Wotsits or Nik Naks. Tohato is one of the bigger snack companies from Japan, and they make various flavours of what they call caramel corn (not the same as American caramel corn, like Butterkist). These flavours include lemonade, melon, orange, peanut, almond, milk, green tea, strawberry, cream cheese, creme brûlée, maple syrup, chocolate dipped banana, ice cube (!), peach… the list goes on, especially when you count the special editions.

Tohato Mint Choc Chip

I went for mint choc chip as I’m a fan of that flavour ice cream. Opening the packet, I saw the puffed corn in a delicate green with chocolate flecks, looking like a cross between Wotsits and maggots! They smelled very sweet and slightly minty, and the taste was… actually quite pleasant. Once you get past the brain confusion, they’re subtly mint tasting with a hint of chocolate. They’re most similar to a breakfast cereal, like the Tygryski Czekoladowym I tried in the UK. I’d warily try some of the other flavours based on this.

Not maggots, but Tohato Mint Choc Chip