This is a follow up to my posts on getting my spouse visa and getting that visa endorsed to allow me to work. I recently went back to the immigration office at Jalan Duta to renew the visa and endorsement at the same time. This had to be done within one month of expiration, but not after, so I went about 3 weeks before. As before, this is purely for information, not legal advice etc etc.

This time, what I needed was:

Surat Akuan. Similar to before, this declaration of our continuing marital status needed passport photos and stamping by a Commissioner of Oaths. This time we went to the one located by the canteen on the ground floor of the office. It cost RM4.

Surat akuan

IMM55 form. This is the one for extension of the visa. We put that we would like to have 12 months, praying in aid our soon-to-be-born child, which was ignored. We had taken a letter from the doctor about the pregnancy, but didn’t get to use it. Instead, we were told that the period was fixed based on the number of successful applications and re-applications. Next time, if we were successful, we would get 12 months. For now, just 6 months. Come back in July to see if this was right!

Passport of applicant plus new copies of all the relevant pages. Presumably so they can check it’s the same. Somehow, I was missing pages, but there is a photocopy shop at the back of the room.

An interesting queue number slip

I/C of spouse plus a photocopy. This time the photocopy didn’t need to be a certified true copy (CTC), which I guess is because they already have one on file. Really not sure why they need another copy – perhaps the five year life span means one or more in ten applicants’ spouses’ cards have changed.

Original of Malaysian marriage registration document plus photocopy. We weren’t told we needed to have this, but I had taken it just in case, luckily. Again, it didn’t need to be a CTC.

In order to renew the work endorsement, all I needed was a letter from my work to say I was still employed by them, stamped and signed.

The cost of the visa extension was RM90; the cost of the work extension was zero. In total, the time taken was about 90 minutes, with the longest wait being after I had paid the charge (during which time I noticed the interrogation rooms are labelled ‘aspiration room’ 1 and 2). After that I was given my passport back with a new visa glued in. This time it is red and blue with a picture of an LRT train on.

Renewed visa

As before, the work endorsement is stamped on another page, with details written in.

I guess that’s it on the administrative front for a little while. I really must get around to the overseas marriage registration post soon; maybe I will do a post on registering a birth! As before, all comments and questions very welcome.

A fascinating receipt