Duck and Waffle is the restaurant on the 40th floor of what was called the Heron Tower, now 110 Billingsgate, and I believe has the distinction of being the highest restaurant in Britain. It’s also a 24 hour restaurant, which is unusual for quite a posh place. You have to book, and we were lucky to find a last minute early lunch slot (11.30) as it was pretty much booked out for weeks, even the midnight to 5am slot. We probably wouldn’t have gone except my wife had just had her annual bonus, and tradition is to spend some of it on treating someone else, so I was the lucky recipient. You access the restaurant using a really fast glass lift on the outside of the building, which is a bit nervy!

Gherkin from Duck and Waffle, London

The views are obviously spectacular, and you even get to look down on the Gherkin. Inside, it’s quite nice, with a series of 2 and 4 seater tables by the windows and larger tables in the middle. I liked the floor which had retro style tiles; weirdly every chair had cracked Naugahyde type cushions, which I assume is trendy. The staff are very friendly and go through the menu with you, making suggestions as to what to have. The food is great.

Selection of food, Duck and Waffle, London

Polenta croquettes were delicious but small balls of cheesy truffle flavours, with a little sauce. Wife also tried the BBQ pigs ears, which come sliced up so they don’t look like ears (you get about three times the amount visible in the pic). They are served in a paper bag with a duck ‘wax seal’ on, and she loved everything about the dish from the quirky presentation to the flavour and the crunch. She wasn’t as fond of the maple glazed cornbread which had nuggets of sweetcorn in and was almost sticky toffee pudding in style, though she enjoyed the spicy harissa yoghurt topping; I liked it all. She did enjoy her main course, the signature duck and waffle which has a duck leg, a duck egg and a waffle with a maple and mustard sauce.

Restaurant namesake and potatoes, Duck and Waffle, London

I had pea and mint ravioli which was great – very strong pea flavour in the ravioli, interesting brown butter crumble, a mild pea and mint purée, and some crunchy peas on top. Marmite potatoes on the side seemed to be glazed with a thickened marmite butter, and were nicer as you went down and the marmite concentration increased. Finally we had peach parfait, a ball of peach ice cream with peach syrup glaze served on a savoury oatmeal biscuit with a bit of peach purée and balsamic vinegar surrounding it – a bit over the top but very good.

Ravioli, Duck and Waffle, London

If you have the money for a little treat, and can either get lucky at the last minute or can remember to book well in advance, go here. About £45 per person including a glass of wine. I loved it. My advice if you are going to lunch on what may be a warm day is to ask for a seat on the north side – our east facing seats got quite hot by the end of lunch. But the views…

Address: 110 Billingsgate, London EC2N4AY
Telephone: 02036407310