Some might find this transferred tip morbid, though others find this sort of area peaceful. The Cambridge City Cemetery is a couple of miles outside town. It might be of interest to those who study the Second World War as it has a number of Commonwealth War Graves.

Commonwealth war graves, Cambridge City Cemetery

It also has sections for Jewish, Muslim and Catholic burials, along with Protestant and non-believers. The sections where there isn’t any separation are the war graves (where there are memorials to Jews and Christians, British, Canadian, Australian, NZ and Polish servicemen and women) and the children’s burial area. The latter is covered with balloons, pinwheels, and other decorations.

Cambridge City Cemetery

Near the Easternmost entrance there is a small memorial garden, called the Cantetebrigge Memorial. There are some graves with Freemason symbols, and one to a man named David Hung who is described as the man who introduced Chinese musical instruments to the UK. The cemetery is a quiet and sombre place, and it is a peaceful place to stay and think.

Memorial, Cambridge City Cemetery

Address: Junction of Newmarket Road and Ditton Lane, Cambridge CB58PE

Garden, Cambridge City Cemetery