Masak Masak is a stall at Cambridge market which claims to do Malaysian street food. I’d query whether it is really street food, but it is authentically chosen Malaysian food. The owner and his Malaysian wife started it in about July 2016 (and I’ll declare the the most minor of interests here in that he is a friend of a friend of a friend), and he likes to change the menu every few months; he does nasi lemak each time, but changes his meat and veggie dish.

Masak Masak, Cambridge

When I went he was on the first day of his new menu – smelled like rendang as the meat dish served with roti jala, with veggie curry laksa replacing the nyonya curry he did before. He is going on to do a veggie nasi goreng when he next changes it. There isn’t actually a seating area, but you can perch on the surrounds of the nearby fountain. I quite liked the way he’d bothered to make his stall a bit Asian looking, using bamboo. The food was OK, but the fact he changes the menu means I may well return.

Laksa, Masak Masak, Cambridge

The curry laksa was a very mild example (note the homemade sambal isn’t vegetarian, which might have improved it) of its kind, with bean sprouts, green beans, egg, noodles and tofu puffs in a light, coconutty sauce topped with lots of fresh coriander. Fine, but not exciting.

Address: Market Hill, Cambridge