The Corner House is a pub in Cambridge with quite a reputation for its food and its live music. We decided to check out the former, which was mainly burgers, sandwiches and pub classics, plus a few world dishes. We had some trepidation as we went in, and a noisy dog paid us far too much attention – their website describes the pub as down-to-earth, and it is certainly no frills, and a bit dingy in the side dedicated to music. It feels a bit as if whenever the owner saw a ‘witty’ sign about beer at the market, he/she snapped it up. There is a mantelpiece covered in books and a handful of board games. It all feels a bit weird. The staff add to the effect, being very friendly and making it feel like an enthusiastic but untrained family is running the place. However the food was very good and probably worth the oddities.

Beef, The Corner House, Cambridge

Mexican veggie burger was a good veggie patty with chilli cheese, chillies, hot sauce and what seemed to be Dorito nacho cheese dip, plus the choice of pickles or salad (pickles, obviously), served with excellent chips and salad. I really enjoyed it.

Veggie, The Corner House, Cambridge

My mate had a Corner House special, which was an enormous burger featuring two big beef patties, slices of beef steak, bacon, cheese, onion and tomato, again with chips and salad. He liked it all, even if the burgers themselves were a little bland.

Address: 231 Newmarket Road, Cambridge, CB58JE
Telephone: 01223532047