The Snug is a small chain of pubs in south Cambridgeshire and north Hertfordshire. Within the last 10 years or so, they have taken over the old (favourites? … maybe) Spread Eagle on Lensfield Road and the Boat Race on East Road, and now operate as quirky pubs which do a range of burgers, salads and all day breakfasts, plus an OK selection of ale.

Interior, The Snug, Cambridge

We went to the old Spread Eagle, which still has the gold statue of an eagle, wings outstretched, that it used to have outside. Inside it is quite modern and is popular with students; they have a lot of board games to play, boards describing how to make cocktails, and a fireplace full of books. The staff are enthusiastic but inept – perhaps they hire newly arrived students – and the food is not particularly good. I’d go back for a drink but eat beforehand.

Veggie dog, The Snug, Cambridge

I had the veggie hot dog, which was 2 vegetable blend sausages in a (microwaved in parts to the point of solidity) small baguette, topped with French’s mustard and requested pickles. Not good, though nice to have broccoli in a veggie sausage.

Texas Ranger, The Snug, Cambridge

Friends had the Snug burger, topped with onion rings, bacon, cheese and tomato, and the Texas Ranger, the same with BBQ sauce and black beans replacing the bacon. Snug was apparently alright due to the bacon, but the other was below average. Onion rings were terrible. All of these were meant to be served with French fries (nice seasoning, but room temperature) and coleslaw (absent).

Snug burger, The Snug, Cambridge

Address: 67 Lensfield Road, Cambridge, CB21EN