Hot Numbers cafe is a trendy place just off Mill Road, named after a record store which used to be around the corner, I think.

Carafe, Hot Numbers, Cambridge

It serves its coffee in carafes, and it seems to be another of these new cafes which are opened by people maybe as a bit of a hobby, having friendly and enthusiastic but not wholly competent staff, focusing more on image. It’s attractive, therefore, but the limited food choice isn’t that impressive. The cafe market on and near Mill Road is crowded, so you might want to eat elsewhere, but it’s a nice place for a coffee.

Sandwich, Hot Numbers, Cambridge

The best thing our group had was apparently a bacon sandwich, served (as seems to be ubiquitous these days in trendy places) on sourdough toast.

Bagel, Hot Numbers, Cambridge

Bagel with houmous was dry and a little burnt, though the milk jug stuffed with houmous was good comedy value. Carrot and walnut cake was very sweet. Chai latte was very bad, coffee was very good.

Cake, Hot Numbers, Cambridge

Address: 5 Dales Brewery, Gwydir Street, Cambridge, CB12LJ

Interior, Hot Numbers, Cambridge