I think this is the last transfer from Cambridge. For some reason I went crazy with the collages… Browns is a posh chain of restaurants, and my wife and I had Christmas dinner at their Cambridge branch. This is situated in the former Addenbrookes hospital out patient building, and it is very nicely decorated, with an Art Deco feeling. The staff are pretty good, being attentive and quick without getting too annoying – mind you, the service charge is quite high. The food is very good, and the 4 courses for £80 was certainly filling too. Normally they have more affordable menu options for fewer courses, but it was a nice treat to splash out on the feast. Cocktails are also good, with a notable exception.

Starters, Browns, Cambridge

As ever, the meat and fish opinions are from my companion, in this case my lovely wife. We started with parsnip soup (slightly curried, very nice) and lobster Thermidor tart (good flavour, flaky pastry).

Mains, Browns, Cambridge

The main courses of turkey with stuffing, pigs in blankets and cranberry sauce (well cooked, nice stuffing sausage, good sauce) and Brie, chestnut and cranberry Wellington (good, once I picked out the way too overpoweringly sour cranberries) came with ‘vegetarian vegetables’ meaning they weren’t cooked in animal fats, though those options do exist; we had potatoes, carrots, parsnips, and braised and boiled cabbage (all pretty good).

Desserts, Browns, Cambridge

We had two trios of desserts: lemon posset (delicious but too big!), passionfruit cheesecake (sharp and lovely), and raspberry sorbet (excellent), and chocolate brownie (not to our taste), vanilla ice cream (competent), and salted caramel cream (delicious and the right size!). Next course was cheese (a cheddar and a blue, both good) and biscuits, and we finished with coffee and chocolates, plus mince pies we didn’t have room for. Ginger and lime, blackberry gin and sloe gin cocktails were mostly good.

Interior, Browns, Cambridge

About 10 years ago we came here for drinks, and I had an excellent martini. My friends had weird tasting mojitos – to me they smelled of cucumber…we asked the waiter what was up with them, and he tasted one, grimaced and went back to the barman. He came back and explained the barman had run of lime for the mojito, so had used cucumber as it was the only green thing he had…

Christmas cocktails, Browns, Cambridge

Address: 23 Trumpington Street, Cambridge CB21QA
Telephone: 01223461655
Website: http://www.browns-restaurants.com/