I didn’t realise that in Japan, pizza was a ‘traditional’ Christmas meal, with more family-sized pizzas being shared on December 25th than any other day. At least, until I saw these extruded potato rings from the company that brought us the mint choc chip wotsit, and did the bare minimum of research! I love the packet, with its jaunty decorated wreath.

Tohato Christmas Pizza hula hoops

The crisps are sweet and savoury, with a yeast extract smell and a decent crunch – in Asia these hula hoop style crisps are normally thinner and smaller, making them crunchier and less dense. I’m not really sure which I prefer, but I like them both. They’ll presumably be out of the shops for a few more months, and then I’ll probably see if I can pick them up again.

The crisps with marker pen for scale