South Korean giant Lotte makes quite a few curious drinks, such as aloe vera juice and carbonated fruit flavoured milk. However to see a drink on the market which is flavoured with immature pine cones was looking at a step beyond. The can even seems to have a quote from the Korea Forest Service for a touch more surrealism.

Lotte Pine Bud drink

Opening up the can gave a real whiff of toilet cleaner, which made me pretty nervous about trying it. Pouring the drink showed me a clear, straw coloured still liquid, which still gave off that car air freshener aroma. I steeled myself and drank…and it actually tastes fairly normal, like a sweetened lemon drink. The only weirdness was the scent lingering on the palate after you finish swallowing. Effectively, it tastes like drinking still lemonade while you mop the floor. Probably a good drink to test your mates with.

The drink, Lotte Pine Bud drink
The quote, Lotte Pine Bud drink