In the Great Eastern Mall, a few floors above Alexis, there is a large site which has been occupied by a few restaurants, none of them able to sustain more than a few years. Most recently Penang Village, and before that a Thai place called Chitralada Palace, it has returned to the Thai theme having been occupied by the My Elephant chain (6 restaurants so far, though the website doesn’t show 4 of them unless you use a search engine). This is going to be a slightly cheeky review, in that while I have visited, when staying nearby I also had a couple of takeaway dishes. I intend to come back with my wife so she can let me know about the meat/fish dishes.

Elephants, My Elephant, Kuala Lumpur

The interior is fun due to stylised elephants on the wall and light due to the huge windows along one wall which allow you to watch the effect of tropical winds on palms. The staff were all friendly and half were competent, with the other half asking for help. I think just new, as the restaurant was less than 3 weeks old when I went. They are also willing to make dishes vegetarian in addition to the handful of existing options.

Green curry, My Elephant, Kuala Lumpur

My dine-in meal was a lunch set of green curry vegetables. The sauce was spicy, creamy, and savoury, cooked over a mix of sweet potato, broccoli, long beans, sugar snap, baby corn, and what they call baby aubergine here (I think Americans call them turkey peas). I list all the veg because I was surprised they used a different mix for the other curry, which shows a sense of care. The set came with mixed red and white rice and tapioca crisps.

Red curry, My Elephant, Kuala Lumpur

Their red curry had baby corn, sugar snap peas, cauliflower, broccoli, carrot, tempeh slices, and mushroom, in a rich lemongrass-heavy sauce, which I liked.

Tofu, My Elephant, Kuala Lumpur

Sriracha tofu was the least good dish I tried, and I still liked it enough. It was a sweet and spicy sticky sauce with sesame seeds covering some deep fried soft tofu chunks and bits of red and green peppers. It tasted more of honey and sesame than sriracha, and might have been better over fried potato than squidgy tofu, but it was alright.

Interior, My Elephant, Kuala Lumpur

I think My Elephant does the basics well, and I’m keen to return, even though I’m running out of dishes suitable for me – the fact they’ll make meals veggie is positive and means they have a thoughtful cook – so may update this soon.

Address: Lot 8, 3rd Floor, Great Eastern Mall, 303 Jalan Ampang, 55000 Kuala Lumpur

Telephone: 0327284139


Tropical, My Elephant, Kuala Lumpur
Seats, My Elephant, Kuala Lumpur