I’ve had a break from posting due to my recent entry into fatherhood, and this seems like an appropriate way to get back into it. I suppose this post might lose me a lot of subscribers (or would do if I had a lot, and they weren’t mostly bots), but I figured as I have tried quite a few milks beyond the standard cow – sheep and goat (fairly common, richer and tastier than cow), camel (very rich and herby, a little too much for me), and horse (disgusting, like super grassy watered down skimmed milk) – I would be letting myself down if I didn’t take this opportunity. After all, I really shouldn’t be describing it as unusual given most of us will have had some of it in our life time. Fathers – I’m sure you’ll have thought about it at least.

Human milk

As my wife is expressing so I can help with feeding at night, we have quite a few bottles of her milk around. I should stress that I am not a monster – I wouldn’t take food from the mouth of a child, but sometimes my little one can’t finish a whole portion, so I sneaked the last few drops. The milk is white in colour, with pale cream which separates quickly, and it seems quite watery in consistency. It smells faintly milky, and the taste is quite sweet and a tiny bit oily, though overall quite light. It falls in the middle of the milk pack for me, so I probably won’t put it on my cornflakes just yet.

The milk

Just for the avoidance of doubt, despite the day I have posted this, it is a real review! Reviews might be a little thin on the ground for a while, though.