It’s been a while since I posted, and my posts will probably be even more sporadic, because my little girl means I have little time to write, less to get on the computer, and even less to go out and do things. I have a handful of transfers about Europe to go, but I’ll post a few new reviews over the next couple of weeks, if I can.

Interior, K Fry, Kuala Lumpur

There’s been a K Fry for a while at 1Utama mall, and weirdly there is now one at the hotel I stayed at in JB (Holiday Villa), but the KLCC branch of this ‘urban Korean’ restaurant has taken a bit longer to arrive. We actually tried to go a couple of times in its first month of operation, but it was too busy; the automated queuing system suggesting it would be about an hour’s wait on one of those times. Staff brought round cold drinks for those queuing, but that wasn’t enough for us to stand outside a mall restaurant.

Kitchen at the back, K Fry, Kuala Lumpur

Two months or so on, and the queues have dropped considerably, and even at lunch it was empty enough for us to get a table immediately. It was still busy enough to be lively, with the halal Korean fare being very popular with Malays. The interior was, well, a less good imitation of Jinjja Chicken, though I don’t know which came first, being full of neon signs and bare concrete but with less humour. What it lacked in genuine fun, it made up for in volume, with the dreadful K-pop blasting so loud my wife and I couldn’t hear each other easily.

Blurry details, K Fry, Kuala Lumpur

The staff were ok, though after they greeted us normally they did the stupid welcome shout in Korean. They were very keen to ensure we had ordered, with no fewer than three people checking, and regular contact throughout.

Rice, K Fry, Kuala Lumpur

Onto the food then: wife had a kimgaru bokkeumbap, which was a big portion of garlic fried rice with seaweed bits in it, with an omelette and cheese moat, topped with Korean style fried chicken. She said the rice was the best bit, with the chicken being just ok; she prefers American type fried chicken though.

Onion, K Fry, Kuala Lumpur

I had one of the few vegetarian options, a nyangpa blossom. I assume nyangpa is Korean for onion, as this was a deep fried battered onion, cut to look like a chrysanthemum. The batter was crunchy, sweet and salty with a hint of pepper, the onion was sweet, and it came with two sauces. The first was ‘special’ sauce, which tasted ok but had a texture like those dip powders you stir into mayonnaise, while the second was… wait, is that whipped cream? It was, infused with truffle oil, and it was one of the few foody things which has ever made us both say ‘wow’ out loud. Shame it didn’t really go with the onion, but still a spectacular condiment. Anyway, I could only eat half of the onion before packing it up to take home. There I found that onion is yangpa in Korean, so maybe a play on words (-nya in Malay means roughly one’s, and can be affectionate).

Drink, K Fry, Kuala Lumpur

My mango rita was entertaining, a mango slushee with a bottle of non-alcoholic pineapple malt drink suspended in it. It was meant to be lemon, but pineapple was good enough for me.

K Fry was ok, but not outstanding, except perhaps for its portion size. We actually had to cancel a dessert because we were too full, and we will go back to sample that (strawberry cheesecake bingsoo) at some point. I’d probably recommend K Fry for a group of four sharing three dishes, or six sharing four, maybe. Not really a couples’ place though.

Address: LC C02, Suria KLCC, 50888 Kuala Lumpur

Telephone: 0327800148