This small chain of six restaurants serving Malaysian cuisine seems to be positioned as a competitor to Old Town or PappaRich, just nowhere near the same scale (yet). Like them, it does a range of local favourites, from nasi lemak to char koey teow, with breakfast toast options and snacks. It also does a couple of vegetarian options, so I thought it time for the comparison.

Not actual bricks, Meals Station, Kuala Lumpur

The Intermark branch is very dark with fake bare brick walls and brown-black furniture. In fact, the colour scheme overall is weird, with tan and brown branding. Staff were brighter, serving with a smile and being broadly helpful in our limited interactions, such as when they brought the wrong drink.

Curry, Meals Station, Kuala Lumpur

The vegetarian curry didn’t look that good, being a little small, watery and potentially overwhelmed by the volume of accompanying rice. That was an unfair judgement, as the okra, potato, green beans, carrot, cabbage and tofu puffs came in a very tasty, aromatic curry, which despite looking thin managed to be creamy and rich. It was a reasonable price too.

Sweet and sour and mouldy, Meals Station, Kuala Lumpur

The vegetarian sweet and sour was not so good. This was due entirely to putting cucumber in the dish, which ruined it for me. Without that, I would probably have thought it was ok, but it was borderline inedible as the mouldy flavour seeped throughout. Shame. The rest was a mix of peppers, carrots, onion, and mock chicken in a commercial looking sauce.

Super blurry interior, Meals Station, Kuala Lumpur

One above average, and one below average meal, then. Given everything else, it’s easy to put this in the middle of the restaurant pack. If I do return, then at least I know which meal to have!

Address: Lower Concourse, The Intermark, 348 Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur

Telephone: 0123456852