This Indian restaurant in the heart of Langkawi is towards the top of a lot of websites’ lists of best on the island. It’s in the middle of a paddy field, so the views are spectacular during the evening, with water buffalo strolling quite near, and a mountain in the distance. Once the sun sets, however, it becomes a bit Temple of Doom, with at least thousands of insects (maybe more, though I am probably exaggerating) swarming in to buzz around the light sources and then drop on you. Time to cover your drinks.

Interior, Pia’s The Padi, Langkawi

The interior is quite pleasant otherwise, with recipes of some of their dishes on the walls, excellent tile art, and instrumental covers of 90s ballads to look after your ears. The staff were mixed, with the owner taking our request for a little more time for our group to assemble as a sign we didn’t want to see him for the rest of the evening, and a very friendly lady offering lots of advice on what to have. We had a big group, which is a partial excuse for our food taking 55 minutes to come, but we asked for dishes to be delivered as soon as they were ready. This was ignored, it seems.

View, Pia’s The Padi, Langkawi

There was a fifty-fifty split among the meat/fish eaters as to whether it was great or poor, with a disappointing amount of food left uneaten, despite some saying they really enjoyed it. No pictures, as I was calming the baby! My vegetarian dishes were so-so. I had Punjabi potato patties, which came with mint yoghurt and sweet chilli sauce, and were very sloppy. Just a bit too moist and puréed to hold their shape.

Punjabi potato patties, Pia’s The Padi, Langkawi

The mixed vegetable butter masala was not very interesting, but certainly not bad. I had it with some roti canai which was similar to frozen type, but I like them anyway. I just checked with my wife whether any of the dishes had stood out to her, and it seems not.

Vegetables, Pia’s The Padi, Langkawi

My advice for Pia’s is to go early to avoid the flies and make the most of the views, go in a small group to have shorter waiting time, and try not to accidentally offend any staff!

Exterior, Pia’s The Padi, Langkawi

Address: Jalan Ulu Melaka, Kampung Padang Gaong, 07000 Langkawi

Telephone: 0124933713


Flies, Pia’s The Padi, Langkawi
Masala milk, Pia’s The Padi, Langkawi
An interesting picture of a menu, Pia’s The Padi, Langkawi