This chain of four Mexican themed restaurants in Singapore (and now one in Jakarta) started in 2012, with the Robertson Quay branch opening in 2014. It has a lot of outside seating, which we used, and some seriously garishly lit indoor tables. There are a few wrestling posters on the walls of the interior. Staff were alright and quite friendly.

Tortilla chips, Super Loco, Singapore

We shared a few dishes between the four of us, starting with the classic tortilla chips and sauce. We chose spicy pineapple (quite spicy, quite fruity, but not as good as my pineapple salsa!) and guacamole (an ordinary version of this, but not slimy).

Quesadilla, Super Loco, Singapore

Next dish delivered was the huitlacoche quesadilla. I could have sworn I had reviewed a dish somewhere before which used this corn mould, but I can’t find it. Mexican truffle is the euphemistic attempt to make it sound more palatable; it doesn’t have anywhere near the punch of truffle, but it has a mild mushroom flavour. Here it was added to corn, Mexican cheese, and mushroom. It was fine, and the chimichurri sauce on top made it a little better.

Enchiladas, Super Loco, Singapore

Bean and pepper enchiladas was the best dish, in my opinion. Three small tortillas stuffed with black bean and big bits of corn, the sauce these were topped with was very good, being creamy and pungent, and the caper mayo dots added a little zing. The dill in the cucumber and herb salad didn’t overpower the dish, and neither did the cucumber, fortunately.

Wings, Super Loco, Singapore

The others had some chicken wings with a chipotle marinade, but weren’t too impressed. The most flavour was apparently in the jalapeños on top.

Sangria, Super Loco, Singapore

Of the drinks I tasted, wife’s sparkling sangria was my favourite, though she didn’t find it light enough in the Singapore heat. It was a cava and tequila mix with a few fruits. The flight of craft beers was underwhelming. If I had to pick one, it would be the Tulum summer ale, but really none were above average, and I should have chosen one of the interesting looking cocktails myself.

Beers, Super Loco, Singapore

Generally, while there wasn’t anything truly bad about Super Loco, there wasn’t anything which makes it stand out. I wouldn’t be unhappy to return, but I certainly won’t make any real effort to do so.

Address: 60 Robertson Quay #01-13, Singapore 238252

Telephone: 62358900


Hot sauce, Super Loco, Singapore
View, Super Loco, Singapore
Interior, Super Loco, Singapore
Stand, Super Loco, Singapore