Part of the Chakri Palace chain, which is in turn part of the Rotol Food Chain group, which is in turn part of Rotol Group which started out as a paint and building facade maintenance firm, Imperial is on the 4th floor of Suria KLCC, and is a Thai restaurant. In fact, the menu was inspired by a Thai celebrity chef with the unlikely name of McDang, who believes (being of royal descent) that royal Thai food should be available to all.

Interior, Imperial Chakri Palace, Kuala Lumpur

As it’s in a tourist hotspot, it perhaps doesn’t have to try too hard, and the service we received was hilariously bad. One waiter apologised because he was new (first day, even), but really everyone we interacted with was quite poor! From the new boy coming back from the till on an item-by-item basis to check our order, to the floor manager walking into me as I left because he was on Facebook, it was consistently bad. Highlights were a waitress chucking a straw onto our table from distance; asking for chopped chilli and on delivery being told I couldn’t eat it (it was in fish sauce); being asked if I wanted tomato ketchup with my curry; and the waiter leaning right over my plate to serve my wife rice.

Crab, Imperial Chakri Palace, Kuala Lumpur

Fortunately the food went a long way towards repairing the damage. Wife had crab balls in yellow curry. A small portion, especially for the money, this had four crispy crab balls in a sweet curry with leaves which were spinach-like. She thought it was very tasty, with the sweet-salty flavour offset with a solid level of spice.

Soup, Imperial Chakri Palace, Kuala Lumpur

As it was a meagre portion, she had a tom yam seafood soup to supplement it. She said this was of a similar standard with a spicy, sour herb flavour. Good example of the clear variety.

Veggie, Imperial Chakri Palace, Kuala Lumpur

My vegetarian peanut red curry was also sweet, savoury and spicy. It was a little runny, so all the crushed peanut made its way to the bottom of the sauce. Other than that, a good dish, with vegetable selection almost made for me – broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, cabbage, asparagus (bit weird) and baby corn. Thai Milky Coffee tasted like sugar syrup.

Coffee, Imperial Chakri Palace, Kuala Lumpur

The food is good, but not enough to justify the price and the service. One of those being dodgy and we might have gone back, but not both. We’ve noticed you can get delivery from here now, so maybe that’s the way to go!

Address: 417B, Suria KLCC, Jalan Ampang, 50088 Kuala Lumpur

Website: (seems broken at the moment)