I wondered when I saw the name of this place if it were run by a Brit, but I was wrong. The area of KL now called Bukit Tunku used to be known officially as Kenny Hills, and unofficially the name lives on. There, Kenny Hills Bakery and Bistro have developed a reputation for their bread. However, they are refurbishing the place, so have opened up a temporary (maybe) place just off Jalan Ampang. That’s a much shorter drive for us!

Kitchen, Kenny Hills Bakery, Kuala Lumpur

The new venue is a little odd, with seating arranged in a couple of areas either side of a central…something. We ended up by the kitchen, able to watch some of the pastries being made. The bread and cakes are very expensive for KL, perhaps the priciest I have seen. Look great though. Staff were friendly and efficient, bringing you your choice of bread based dish or breakfast.

Pizza, Kenny Hills Bakery, Kuala Lumpur

We ordered a couple of dishes to share, starting with an 8″ margherita. This comes with a burrata in the middle. I must admit I was a little disappointed when it turned up, as the burrata had melted, and it looked thicker than I was expecting. However, I was wrong. The thickness was fine, the sauce was rich and balanced, the cheese was stringy, and everything was in the right proportions. A very good pizza.

Toastie, Kenny Hills Bakery, Kuala Lumpur

Next was the raclette and truffle toastie. I’m struggling to describe it, because it was so packed with flavour it was almost overwhelming. The cheese, the truffle paste, the bread – all superb, and in quantities which complemented rather than overpowering each other. The sandwich came with a pot of caramelised onion, which was the only misstep. It’s not that it was bad, as on its own it tasted very good, but the sweet, spice and sour flavour didn’t work at all with the truffle.

Pastries, Kenny Hills Bakery, Kuala Lumpur

We loved the food, and there are still a couple of pizzas and breakfast options I would like to give a go to, so we will surely head back here before it moves back out. I wonder though if these guys will look for extra cooks and extend the lease, as it seemed very busy and successful.

Address: 241-B Lorong Nibong, 50450 Kuala Lumpur

Telephone: 0342652020

Website: https://facebook.com/kennyhillsbakers

Sign, Kenny Hills Bakery, Kuala Lumpur
More choice, Kenny Hills Bakery, Kuala Lumpur