Gyppo travel reviews

Because I think people care about what I have to say


Hi, I’m Gyppo, short for Gypsy MacGyver, the alter ego of Rhys Jackson. I’m a pretentious fellow who likes to travel, particularly in the company of other members of Barry Boyz Racing, and of course my fiancée. Usually I keep them separate.
I used to write reviews on the VirtualTourist website, and now that site is closing, I will try to transfer the reviews over here. I really enjoyed the interaction over there, and I was honoured to be a featured writer in June 2016 and to be awarded the restaurant reviewer of 2016 in their last ever community awards. 
I started out doing reviews as a way to save my memories and photos, then to help people who were thinking of travelling somewhere I had been, then just to feed my vanity. It’s probably a combination of factors one and three which has led me to open this site and archive what I wrote previously.

Please bear in mind for older reviews which I transfer from VT, there may be some weird formatting, or things might not read quite right, and I’ll try to update them in time. 

In addition, most of my photos are taken with my iPad, which of course doesn’t have a flash. This means more fun shadows and blurry night shots than other sites.

One thought on “About

  1. Hi there,

    Someone recently nominated me for one of those Sunshine Blogger Awards. I, in turn, was asked to nominate my favorite blogs, and I put you on my list. If you accept, you can check out my page and write a blog page of your own.

    Many thanks,



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